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Special funds for Egypt and Tunisia

14 دجنبر 2011. Author: tamirsoliman
Newsletter 6/2011

Special funds for Egypt and Tunisia

The Humboldt Foundation seeks to promote democratic change in Egypt and Tunisia by strengthening and extending its network of researchers in the two countries.

The scientists and scholars are not only to act as drivers of change at universities and research institutes, but also to support the creation of democratic structures in politics, society and academia. The Federal Foreign Office will make special funds available to the Humboldt Foundation for this purpose in 2012 and 2013.

These additional funds are to be used to provide increased support for Humboldtians in Egypt and Tunisia within the framework of existing alumni programmes, for example through further research stays in Germany, the provision of material resources, or support for research group linkages and specialist conferences, known as Humboldt Kollegs, in both countries.

The Foundation also hopes to extend the network rapidly by including excellent junior researchers who will be offered the opportunity to broaden their international networks by research stays in Germany. To accelerate the identification of suitable candidates, selection procedures will take place directly in the countries in question. Moreover, so-called tandem re-invitations will allow experienced Humboldtians from both countries to undertake further research stays in Germany accompanied by junior researchers whom they propose themselves. In addition to these measures, contacts to important institutions in research and academia are to be intensified in order to promote sustainable academic collaborations between Tunisian and Egyptian researchers and their colleagues from Germany, and to intensify both academic and cultural exchange. These additional sponsorship programmes are conditional upon the availability of budgetary resources.